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The membership benefits


The memberships offer you a full library with many recordings of the sessions from the last few months.


Our holistic/berlin community offers you a place where you can share your experiences and stories.


Our Wellbeing Membership offers you healthy and, if possible, seasonal recipes to cook every month.


Every month there are different topics that are made available in the form of eBooks.

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Give me three months and you will look fresher, Your skin will glow and your facial features are more relaxed. «

/ Daniela Mellis, Skincare Expertin

Our memberships

Basic face training

In our Basic Face Training Community we tighten, firm and model our face using basic techniques in 6 live sessions together.

Advanced face training

In our Advanced Face Training Community we work in 6 live sessions with techniques that build on the basic training.


In our Wellbeing Community you benefit from my expertise as a health coach and other experts. For more moments of well-being in everyday life.

All-in-one membership

Our All in One Membership combines our Wellbeing Membership, Basic Face Training and Advanced Face Training Membership at an unbeatable price.

The Magic Way

Discover monthly inspiration, healing stones, music for the soul and magical rituals that expand your spiritual abilities. In our community we share experiences and knowledge in order to grow together.

Holistic lover subscription

With our Holistic lover subscription you get access to free shipping on all your orders, as well as exclusive mega discounts! There are also other benefits such as personal newsletters!

Everything subscription

Our EVERYTHING subscription offers you the opportunity to enjoy our All in One Membership, The Magic Way subscription and all courses in one!

All courses by subscription

Immerse yourself in the world of holistic knowledge and self-awareness with the Holistic course subscription! Get access to a wealth of inspiring courses, including 14 new offerings this year.