Skin care am/pm

One of my favorite topics is the skin as a perfectly functioning organ - and how to support the respective functions as well as the day and night rhythm!

Here you can find all the important facts about it and which of the products I have developed fit wonderfully into this routine.

But first to the topic:

During the day, the skin protects the internal organs, and its protective function is particularly important here!

The skin can and should recover and regenerate at night.

We can support these basic and very different functions of the skin with the right care (or - in the worst case scenario - really mess them up).

During the day the skin does hard work. Today more than ever - including environmental toxins, computer radiation, urban pollution, UV radiation, temperature compensation - the skin is exposed to these aggressors every day.

At night, the skin switches into repair mode: regeneration at the cellular level, cell division, wound healing, recovery. The skin is also more permeable at night. This means that moisture evaporates faster than during the day. It sounds negative at first, but it also means that the applied care can be absorbed better.

These two fundamentally different rhythms of the skin must now be taken into account in daily care. And anyone who does this will see an improvement very quickly, regardless of skin type.

A central point here is thorough cleaning in the evening. When resting, the skin actually switches to nightly repair mode. However, if residual dirt (make-up, dust, environmental toxins, etc.) still “occupies” the skin, it will remain in its protective mechanism. Because protection has top priority, as it is, so to speak, vital (for the internal organs that need to be protected).

In my experience, the perfect cleansing, thorough but gentle, can be achieved with the so-called “double cleansing”. This is really very easy and takes about 15 seconds longer than usual makeup removal. Apply a cleansing oil to dry, dirty skin and massage it into the skin. Please don't wash it off straight away. The oil collects all impurities, absorbs them like a sponge - and only then follows the classic cleansing with a milk or a gel (to do this, briefly emulsify the product in your hand, apply it to the entire face, massage it in) and then EVERYTHING TOGETHER - Oil AND cleaning product – rinse with plenty of warm water. The skin feels better after just two to three weeks. Promised.

Because this is due to the active SUPPORT of the natural skin rhythm.

What else can you do?

Since protection is on the agenda during the day - keyword oxidative stress - you should actively support the skin. With moisturizer, antioxidants and vitamins.

When it comes to natural cosmetics, look for rosehip, pomegranate, rose or similarly effective plant extracts. This protection for the skin works like rain gear when you take your children to daycare in the autumn drizzle.

And in the evening, when the skin is more permeable and therefore more receptive, it makes sense to actively support it in regeneration and repair. Anti-aging creams with vitamin B3 (niacinamide) - to strengthen the cell walls - or gentle acids (e.g. lactic acid) for rapid cell renewal as well as omega-rich plant extracts, all of this is appropriate at night in order to look refreshed and fresh the next morning.

At night, all of these ingredients can only develop their full effectiveness when the skin is in repair mode. And we can only achieve this with thorough cleaning. Imagine if the skin had simply been wiped "Larifari" with a cleansing cloth: since the day's impurities are still on the skin, it remains in protective mode. Now the night care comes on top - and the skin has another layer that it supposedly has to “defend” against. Ergo - the reaction won't be long in coming: the skin appears sensitive, red, blotchy and irritated.

In this respect, it is important in the daily care routine not only that the products match the skin type, but above all that they are in harmony with the natural processes and skin functions.

Here is a small selection of products that I would like to recommend to you from my range.


The morning routine begins with a gently foaming cleansing gel, followed by a facial toner. Especially if you live in cities with very hard water (like in Berlin, for example), it is important to cleanse with facial toner, otherwise the finest lime deposits will cause dry and irritated skin. If you have very dry skin and don't need water on your face to wake up in the morning, you can skip this step. Or you can use a nice plant hydrosol and cover your face with this delicate, nourishing mist: lavender (sensitive skin), rose water (normal skin), orange blossom (tired skin).


Morning care should help the skin protect itself from all stress factors, for example to avoid damage caused by free radicals. When we think of protection, we always think of SPF, but above all it's antioxidant-rich products that help the skin protect itself against oxidative stress. A serum with vitamin C and other antioxidants (please only be careful with skin affected by rosacea - it needs to be protected differently!) are now important. Both - plus vitamin E - are contained in the antioxidant superfruit pomegranate, for example, which is why this product is my daily companion:


Care with a facial oil works best for me. If you're now cringing internally (yikes, greasy, an oil), please think about the composition of a cream. Oil is an integral part of EVERY cream. You cannot make cream without oil. But the oil is actually the really GOOD thing in the cream. In addition, there are (usually) a lot of unnecessary substances to make a cream from oil and water. What I want to say is: In the kitchen we use cold-pressed olive oil and in the bathroom we have margerine. Oil is not greasy, does not make the skin shine and with a moist component (serum) underneath it provides THE perfect care without unnecessary fuss.


My ideal evening routine begins with the ritual called “Double Cleansing”. This involves applying the Voyanics Chia Seed (Pre) Cleanse Oil (ideal for normal to oily skin) or the Marula + Rose Cleansing Oil (for very sensitive skin types) to dry, dirty skin Apply. Massage in and DO NOT remove. Then massage in cleansing gel or cleansing milk (Nectar cleansing milk for very sensitive skin) and then wash EVERYTHING TOGETHER with plenty of water. After just two weeks you will notice an improvement in the skin, as the skin's natural function is proactively supported becomes.


Skin permeability is higher in the evening than during the day. This means that she is more receptive to active care products at night. These can be ingredients that accelerate cell renewal (vitamin A, lactic acids). Once a week I use the Voyanics Rose+ Neroli mask instead of the usual care products. This wonderfully fragrant, rich and creamy cream mask regenerates the skin overnight. The gentle peeling effect of lactic acid removes dead and dry skin cells and ensures radiant and buttery-soft skin the next morning.


Now is the perfect time to intensively moisturize your skin. Hyaluronic acids, Viatmin B3 (niacinamide) and some intensive nutrients (like in your favorite facial oil) should not be missing in the evening routine: I love spraying my face with Voyanics Hyaluron + Aloe Toner, immediately followed by Voyanics Rosehip + Frankincsence Facial Oil to lock in the moisture directly. If the skin is extremely dry, add a small dab of the Voyanics Shea Butter + Lavender Facial Balm over the oil as a final care.

Here again all the hyaluronic boosters (i.e. moisture boosters):

  • Hyaluron + Pomegrante Serum (the moisturizing serum for every day)
  • Hyaluron + Aloe Vera Toner (pure freshness, also for in between)
  • Hyaluronic + Botanicals mask

  • (the mask for an extra kick of freshness)
  • Rose + Seabuckthorn Fluid (for stressed skin and skin prone to rosacea, as a slightly richer hyaluronic serum)
  • Poppyseed + Niacinamide Cream (the light but intensive care cream for all skin types)