Wellbeing courses

Our wellbeing online courses are there for you to bring balance and well-being into your life. Through videos, exercises and personal support, you will learn to reduce stress, relax and live a holistic life.

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In our well-being courses you will not only find peace and relaxation, but you will also learn how to center yourself in the hectic pace of everyday life. «

/ Daniela Mellis, Skincare Expertin

Wellbeing courses

Un-stress stress

Introduction to the well-being course "UN-STRESS STRESS": Discover a way to reduce stress and find calm through a holistic approach based on science and proven techniques.

Chakra balance

Discover the world of chakras and energy healing in our 14-day course. From basics to practical exercises, learn how chakras influence your well-being. Receive daily tips, find your balance and feel positive changes in your body, mind and soul. We accompany you on this journey!

One Day Detox

Discover a stress-free renewal of body and soul in January with our Gentle Slow Detox. Our program offers an exclusive one-day detox workshop with lymphatic drainage, healthy recipes, detox yoga, face yoga, breathwork, a sound bath video and beauty tips - everything for deep cleansing and deceleration.

Inner & Outer Detox

Start the year with our 10-week online course for holistic change inside and out - discover detox, exercise, nourishing nutrition and self-care. Join us on the path to a healthier, happier you!

Quiet nights, strong days: your course for better sleep

Designed specifically for women, our sleep course offers 45 days of easy-to-digest lessons that cover important aspects of female sleep. Learn how you can achieve restful nights and increased well-being through basic knowledge and practical exercises.

Activate the vagus nerve: The key to your best self

Enter the world of the vagus nerve, the secret connection between body, mind and soul. Its mystical power affects our physical and emotional health in ways unknown to many. Are you ready to discover its magic? Get access now and begin your journey to hormonal harmony!

The menopause

The aim of this workshop is to empower us women to see menopause as a time of renewal, growth and self-discovery.

(D)a way to you

(D)a path to you is our master class, in which you will learn how to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and your perception so that you can be closer to yourself.