The 14 day method

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Do you want a radiant-looking face and an even complexion? Would you like to learn a technique that gives you both? Then the Gua Sha Express course is just right for you, because your skin (your face) will look fresher and more radiant after just 14 days!
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GUA SHA EXPRESS – The 14 day method

In this course you will learn a centuries-old Chinese beauty technique that will make your face shine!

+ Would you like to detoxify your face and free it from metabolic waste products so that your skin looks fresh and your complexion shines?

+ Would you like to stimulate blood circulation, cell renewal and collagen production in your face?

+ Would you like to release the tension in the many fine muscles in your face and neck and see how it relaxes your face and thus also wrinkles and wrinkles?

Then this 14-day Gua Sha express course is the right place for you. In just two weeks and with just one tool, I will guide you so that
You can see the immediately visible effects of the Gua Sha technique for yourself.

What is Gua Sha?

Gua Sha is a truly ancient Chinese beauty technique in which differently shaped Gua Sha stones are stroked over the skin of certain areas of the face with light pressure.

This stimulates blood circulation and lymphatic flow
brought into motion and toxins are transported away and of course all other processes that take place in the skin are stimulated.

The result: a fresh complexion, radiant skin and visibly defined contours.

This course contains:

+ A complete Gua Sha routine that you can do every day (don't worry, it's uncomplicated and really good)

+ A daily Gua Sha "add-on" from day 2 for the different areas of the face that we want to treat additionally: forehead, cheeks, chin, eyes, mouth, etc. You can add these to the longer Gua Sha routine from day one as needed and always specifically treat individual areas of the face.

You will receive the above content as a video with all the important information about the Gua Sha technique and what you should pay attention to.


is a very uncomplicated, super pleasant and, above all, effective and sustainable way to firm your skin, tighten the contours of your face and ensure a fresh-looking complexion.

What do you need?

In addition to a washed face and clean hands, just a small towel, a facial toner, a facial oil and our signature tool #3
A mirror if necessary.

Are you ready?

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Meet the Experts

An Image of Daniela Mellis

Daniela Mellis

Daniela ist ausgebildete Aromatherapeutin, zertifizierter Health Coach und hat viel Erfahrung in den Bereichen Anti-Aging und pflanzlicher Hautpflege. Sie hilft anderen Frauen, ihre natürliche Schönheit zu entdecken und zu bewahren, indem sie holistisch auf die ganze Person und alle Facetten ihres Lebens schaut, um individuelle Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen.

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