An effective way to rid your face of toxins, puffiness and puffiness in just 5 minutes

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Do you want an eye area without dark circles, puffiness and less visible bags under the eyes? Do you want a face that can free itself from the toxins of everyday life? Do you wish your face was less swollen (or not swollen at all) in the morning? Then you've come to the right place, because a regular lymph detox routine ensures exactly this effect. And you can see – and feel – the difference after just one session!
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Onenatural detox methodto detoxify your face and stimulate lymph in just 5 minutes a day.

Do you want less puffiness and shadows around the eye area?

Do you want to learn a routine that will make your entire face look clearer and more defined and definitely less puffy?

And are you also much more relaxed?

Then this 14 day express course is the answer!

With our lymph detox massage, your face will look different after just one session. Dark circles and puffiness will become less visible within the first 14 days.

Our face and neck have many lymph nodes and pathways and in this course you will learn step by step how we activate these to flush out waste products, lymph fluid and toxins.

In this 14-day course I will show you a simple and effective lymph detox technique using our facial brush as a basic routine.

We carry out a second, alternative basic routine for detoxing with our fingers.

You will also receive a short video every day that focuses on individual areas of the face and specifically performs lymphatic work there.

YOUR LYMPH DETOX EXPRESSis a course for the impatient and for everyone who wants to get a taste of this special technique.

At the end of the 14 days, when you have trained all areas with me, you will wonder how you could ever live without these 5 minutes of lymph detox 😊
This course contains:

+ A basic detox routine with your hands/fingers

+ A basic detox routine with the facial brush.

+ plus 12 more days with short videos on individual areas of the face that we can stimulate additionally.

You will receive the above content as a video per day, in which I explain every single step and handle.

It's a very uncomplicated, super pleasant and, above all, effective and sustainable way to detoxify your face in just 5 minutes a day and thus free it from excess lymph fluid, which in turn causes facial swelling and puffiness.

What do you need?

In addition to a washed face and clean hands:

+ a small towel

+ our facial brush

+ our massage brush for the scalp

Are you ready?

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Meet the Experts

An Image of Daniela Mellis

Daniela Mellis

Daniela ist ausgebildete Aromatherapeutin, zertifizierter Health Coach und hat viel Erfahrung in den Bereichen Anti-Aging und pflanzlicher Hautpflege. Sie hilft anderen Frauen, ihre natürliche Schönheit zu entdecken und zu bewahren, indem sie holistisch auf die ganze Person und alle Facetten ihres Lebens schaut, um individuelle Bedürfnisse zu erfüllen.

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