Pink Himalayan salt stone
to remineralize the skin

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A completely new product for your daily detox and well-being - the “stone” made from Himalayan salts. It is rich in minerals and provides your skin with highly concentrated calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. The total of 84 minerals ensure balance and health for your skin.
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After showering, slide the moistened stone over the skin that is not yet dry. For daily use.

To remineralize the skin, use the stone on damp skin immediately after the shower. You simply glide the moistened stone over your skin, on which a thin film forms that has a very high concentration of minerals. Your body can now absorb these minerals and compensate for any deficiencies.

Himalayan salt is also said to have other healing effects on our skin: it has an antibacterial effect and thus helps with inflammatory skin conditions, it regulates the acid balance of the skin and helps to form a healthy protective acid mantle.

Please note: It is a stone made from Himalayan salts. The fact that it sometimes has cracks and is coarse-grained is due to the product - it is crystal salts! So pure nature!

One stone is enough for approx. 40-50 applications.

pure crystal salt from the Himalayas

*Organically grown ingredient **Natural constituents of essential oils

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Mineral salts for the body, this also goes through the skin. «

/ Daniela Mellis, Skincare Expertin

Customer Reviews

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Iris B.
Himalaya Salzstein

Praktisch in der Anwendung! Nach der Benutzung hat man ein kribbeln auf der Haut was aber schnell wieder vergeht! Zur Langzeitwirkung kann ich noch nichts sagen.

Silke Hentschel-Lehmann
So einfach und sooo gut

Ist schnell gemacht und fühlt sich toll an!

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