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Discover our spring blend with the finest flower essences, specifically designed to support and empower women while feeling light yet powerful.
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Feel into your body - you can take your essences 1 - 4 times a day with 4 drops each - dissolved in a glass of water.

For external use, you can add the drops (again 4 drops per application) to a soothing bath or massage oil and pamper yourself with it.

Ideally, in spring we feel light yet powerful, preparing ourselves for summer to blossom. This mixture contains the finest flower essences that support and strengthen women during this time.
Sage helps us realize the meaning of life, while raspberry effortlessly dissolves resistance and allows us to develop our full potential. Nettle promotes appropriate space in relationships, while rosemary stands for steadfastness, perseverance and the ability to deal with conflict.
Red clover supports centering and setting your own standards and being free from external influences. Elderberry, in turn, stands for rejuvenation, vitality and resilience, inner beauty, grace and energy. It promotes body acceptance and inspires you to create new things.

Spring water, alcohol, essences of sage, raspberry, nettle, rosemary, red clover, elderberry

*Organically grown ingredient **Natural constituents of essential oils

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/ Daniela Mellis, Skincare Expertin

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Stefanie Deutschbein
Sehr angenehm, es trägt mich auf dem Weg in den Frühling

Ich nehme es um mich in den Frühling einzuladen. Hilft es? Ich denke schon. Ich bin lange nicht so Frühjahrs Müde und komme morgens deutlich besser aus dem Bett. Die Zeitumstellung bereitete mir immer Probleme. Ich denke es tut was für mich

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