Gua Sha massage & facial dry brushing

When I am asked why I look the way I do at the age of 50, my answer is regular facial massage and stimulating lymph through Gua massage and facial dry brushing. These are very simple, small tools that act like a workout for the face and have an incredible effect on the skin.

I will now briefly introduce you to the individual tools:

Facial dry brush

This dry brushing facial brush leaves your face, neck and décolleté feeling wonderful. It is gentle on the skin, but has an incredibly stimulating and purifying effect. By sliding the facial brush made of horsehair and beech wood over the skin, you remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation at the same time. A blessing if you start your morning care ritual with it.

Gua Sha stone

Black obsidian represents protection and healing powers, so this material was my first choice for our Gua Sha massage stone. Black obsidian is also said to regenerate the outer layer of skin and stimulate collagen formation. Our heart-shaped Gua Sha stone gently stretches the fascia on the face and stimulates microcirculation. With regular use, the skin's firmness improves, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the contours are tightened.

The perfect ritual

When connective tissue is stimulated, blood flow increases and the lymphatic system is activated. The brushing and gentle stimulation of the skin through Gua Sha massage promotes blood circulation in the epidermis, where the small lymphatic vessels are located. Since the lymphatic system collects excess fluid in the tissue, dry brushing and Gua Sha have a draining effect - and at the same time prevent swollen eyes and accumulated toxins in the tissue. When the skin is activated and stimulated, it absorbs all care products better. In addition, the connective tissue is strengthened and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth are smoothed.

Skin Prep

The massage with the facial brush should definitely be carried out on clean, dry skin. However, for a good Gua Sha massage, the skin needs some oil. In principle, any facial oil is suitable, but if you are unsure, try the Plum Face Oil or the Rosehip+Frankincense Oil.

The technology

I can't explain them here as much as I need to, and unfortunately there are a lot of YouTube videos and tutorials on Instagram that show so many NoNo's that you can learn both the correct dry brushing in a few short Insta-Lives on my channel as well as check out some Gua Sha techniques!