My personal care routine, my products

Holistic Berlin originally started with two products: The Skin Repair Elixir - the so-called Queen Oil - and the associated Body Repair Elixir. At some point my sister Nadine named the oil Queen's Oil because our maiden names are King and I originally had this special oil mixed for me. Back then, without taking costs and raw material prices into account.

Now the queens oils (Skin Repair Elixir Night and Body Elixir body oil) are back along with 13 other products and in a new bottle.

The holistic/berlin range will always be small, fine and my very own care range, as I have always developed it with my skin in mind. In principle perfect for all skin types, but the focus is clearly on regeneration and repair and the products pay less attention to the different skin types and more to the needs of the skin as an organ at different times. Day and night routines are the focus here and so the line fits perfectly with my holistic approaches and holistic workshops here.

Perhaps not unimportant to mention: The black glass not only offers light protection (good for the durability of the products), but also creates a unique, high-energy environment inside due to its permeability in the violet and ultraviolet range. The molecular structure of the extracts and essential oils bottled here is constantly activated. Degradation processes are delayed. Subtle energies remain at the original level for a long time. The quality of the products is optimally maintained, which greatly benefits our products with non-synthetic preservatives.

I would now like to take you on a tour of my personal skin care routine and show you how and when which product is used.

In the morning:

Cleansing the face with Oil to Foam Cleanser (a very mild foaming cleansing fluid with nourishing oils) plus Skin Repair Floral Toner , which I put on a reusable pad to remove any limescale residue in the water from my face.

Then I grab the Skin Repair Essence and give a generous pump into my palms and press the essence into the skin with gentle pressure.

Daytime care looks like this: I mix the Skin Repair Hyaluronic Serum with the Skin Repair Day Serum (first for lots of moisture, second for protection from external influences) and while the serum is still nice and "damp" on the skin, I massage a few drops of Skin Repair Elixir Day , the facial oil for the day, into the skin. The amount of oil may vary. Sometimes the skin needs more, sometimes less, but you can work very well and individually with facial oils. The difference between day and night facial oil? You need more acute protection during the day and regeneration takes place at night, more on that in a moment.

I care for my eyes during the day with the Eye Repair Fluid , a light and quickly absorbed eye care product.

At evening:

In the morning:

Pre-cleansing the face with the Pre Cleanse Oil (unfortunately this is not in the shop yet) and then for the double cleansing, post-cleansing with the Oil to Foam Cleanser (a very mild foaming cleansing fluid with nourishing oils) plus Skin Repair Floral Toner, which I put on a reusable one Pad to remove all limescale residue from the water from my face.

Then I grab the Skin Repair Essence and give a generous pump into my palms and press the essence into the skin with gentle pressure.

I also use the Skin Repair Hyaluronic Serum in the evening, but now paired with the Skin Repair Serum Night , which contains the herbal anti-aging active ingredient Bakuchiol for skin renewal. Then the Queen's Oil ( Skin Repair Elixir Night ) is used, which I not only love because of the supportive ingredients for the skin's repair process during the night, but also for all skin care rituals with Gua Sha, facial cups or for that Use facial massage.

There is an alternative to the Skin Repair Serum Night, namely the Midnight Skin Serum. Like an enzymatic peeling with lactic acid, this ensures slightly faster skin renewal and I use the Midnight Serum about 2-3 times a week as an alternative.

Please don't forget your neck, décolleté and back of your hands during your evening routine. All of the products mentioned above also work wonders outside of the face!

Eye care for the night: The Skin Repair Eye Serum (with only high molecular hyaluronic acid, i.e. a very strong long-term anti-aging effect) with theSkin Repair Elixir Eyes . Please be sure to combine the eye serum with our (or another) eye oil. The eye serum also needs fatty nutrients and, when used alone, can cause the eye area to dry out because the hyaluronic acid is contained in such high doses.

And then there are three special extras:

The Hair Repair Elixir hair oil, which I use before blow-drying or in between. A must-have, especially for dry hair ends.

The Mood Oil Moon , which I use for my evening routines or for meditation or evening yoga or just to relax. Anyone who doesn't know it yet will be amazed. And a few tropes are enough. This is where the essential oils work.

And last but not least, the counterpart to the queen oil for the face: the Body Repair Elixir, which is just as effective as its sister for the face. I like to use body oils in the shower or after bathing on damp skin, morning or evening, especially daily, as the skin feels so much better and simply looks more beautiful.