A silk pillowcase from HolisticBerlin turns your sleep into a beauty treatment

Have a good night’s sleep – with a touch of luxury

A restful sleep is the foundation for an energetic day and a radiant appearance. The premium silk pillowcase from HolisticBerlin is not just a sleeping surface - it is an upgrade for your nighttime beauty routine.

The magic of natural silk – your new beauty must-have

Natural silk, known for its exceptional softness and shine, is nature's gift to your skin and hair. HolisticBerlin silk pillowcases are made from 100% pure natural silk and provide care that goes beyond what traditional pillows can offer.

Free from harmful substances – sleep with a clear conscience

In a world where chemicals are ubiquitous, HolisticBerlin offers an oasis of purity. The silk pillowcases are free of pesticides and toxins and therefore a clear conscience for your night's sleep.

Wash & Care – Uncomplicated and easy to care for

HolisticBerlin's high-quality silk pillowcases are suitable for the hand wash program, which makes caring for them child's play. Simply put it in your machine's hand wash program and the silk will stay as fresh and luxurious as the first day.

Against wrinkles, split ends and impurities – your skin and hair will thank you

Silk cools in summer, warms in winter and is hydrating, hypoallergenic and breathable. A silk pillowcase minimizes friction, which in turn reduces sleep wrinkles, split ends and the risk of acne.

Sleep better, look better – with HolisticBerlin

A silk pillow is not only an investment in your sleep, but also in your appearance. You wake up with less bed-head, i.e. disheveled hair, and more freshness on your face.

Sustainability – Without harmful substances

HolisticBerlin's silk pillowcases are made without harmful toxins and chemicals. No flame retardants, chlorinated benzenes, chlorophenols, APEO, EDTA, DTPA, NTA surfactants, endocrine disruptors, formaldehyde, GMOs, heavy metals, azo dyes, organotin compounds, plasticizers, quaternary ammonium compounds, chlorinated paraffins, cyclic siloxanes, microplastics or non-oxygen- bleach-based products – simply pure, sustainable beauty.