Skin flooding trend: overrated or actually effective?

Skin flooding is the new beauty trend on TikTok. It consists of skin and flooding, because the method is intended to flood the skin with moisture.

I would like to tell you here exactly how it works, what you need and how I do it. First of all: this method is nothing new in the professional world, but it is a great way to educate people about the correct use of care products.

Skin flooding: what is it?

Skin flooding is a method of giving the skin an intensive moisturizing treatment. And we need this especially in winter in our latitudes. The cold air outside and heated air inside don't exactly pamper our skin, but rather dry it out. Even though you care for your skin with your care products, are you still left with tight, dry, itchy or even flaky skin? I see this with many women I work with.

The problem for many people is that they have the right products at home, but don't really know how best to combine them. Or you can adapt it to external circumstances such as winter. Skin Flooding is a simple guide on how to properly use the products one after the other to get the most out of them.

The process of skin flooding combats dryness with one to two extra layers of hyaluronic acid (and optionally another serum) between cleansing and moisturizer or facial oil. In addition, we always work with moistened skin, for example with a toner spray.

Skin flooding trend: overrated or actually effective? Using 3-4 products in the right amount and order will maximize moisture and reduce flaky skin and redness from dried out skin.

Benefits of Skin Flooding

When your skin is moist, it absorbs any upcoming products better, which enhances their effect. The end is always a rich cream or facial oil that keeps all the moisture in the skin firmly and securely.

The result is a healthy glow instead of dry dullness. And all of this without a large number of (new) products, a lot of time or complexity.

Skin Flooding loves hyaluronic acid and niacinamide

Hyaluronic acid is the star of the skin flooding show. It attracts water molecules and holds them - similar to a sponge. And it's completely natural. It is a long chain of polysaccharides that are also found in our skin. Hyaluronic acid can hold a thousand times its own weight in water, making it the perfect helper for moisture and elasticity.

A combination with niacinamides also has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. A perfect balance for your skin, especially in winter. This ensures extra natural moisture. You can find this formulation, for example, in the Skin Repair Serum for the day .

Skin flooding in 4 steps

The general process includes 3-4 steps. It is important to know the correct order so that the products really fit together and the best can be gotten out of each one.

+ Cleaning
+ toner
+ Essence (with hyaluronic acid)
+ Hyaluronic acid (optional)
+ serum
+ facial oil
+ Balm (optional)

    You really only need a small amount of each product. They are very effective, especially in the right order, even in small quantities.

    My natural version of the skin flooding trend

    I only want to care for my skin with products that are as unprocessed as possible and of the best organic quality - without chemical additives, of course. That's why my skin flooding routine in the evening looks like this:

    + Pre Cleanse Oil
    + Oil to foam cleanser
    + Floral toner
    + Skin Repair Essence
    + Skin Repair Serum Night
    + Skin Repair Elixir (the queen oil) Night
    + Nectar de Nuit

      On particularly dry, cold days in the Berlin winter, my skin can tolerate skin flooding even in the morning. That's why I transferred the method to my morning.

      + Skin Repair cleansing balm
      + Floral toner
      + Skin Repair Essence
      + Skin Repair Serum Day
      + Skin Repair Elixir Day
      + Balm de Coco (optional if you spend a lot of time outside or just on your dry cheeks)

      How much skin flooding product should I use?

      As already mentioned, it depends very much on the current skin condition. As a rule, a few drops are enough. After cleansing, I put about 4 drops of the first serum on the skin, then 4 drops of the next. If my skin doesn't need that much, I reduce accordingly.

      Which skin types is skin flooding suitable for?

      When used correctly, this method is suitable for all skin types. By this I mean that it must be assumed that your care products also suit your skin. Since you don't use any activating ingredients with skin flooding, it doesn't irritate the skin. If you have sensitive skin, observe how your skin reacts. After all, you are now using your products in a way that makes them most effective. Even with acne or oily skin you can find your rhythm. What do I mean by that?

      3 Skin flooding errors

      1. Ignoring the correct order

      When it comes to skin flooding, we always work with the thinnest, water-based formulations first, such as toners and serums. Then come the oilier products that lock in the moisture.

      Important: We work with damp skin right from the start so that the humectants (humectants) from the other products draw the moisture nicely into the upper layers of the skin. This ensures a plump and healthy look full of moisture.

      If your skin is not moisturized, a serum will be counterproductive and will draw the existing moisture from the deeper layers of your skin instead of drawing new moisture into the skin from the outside. Your skin will then become even drier.

      If you use hyaluronic acid and another serum, you can also apply your toner again between the two.

      2. Using the wrong products

      In order for skin flooding to work, you need to know your skin type and what it needs. Using products indiscriminately (or too many at once) can lead to breakouts.

      Heavy, occlusive products (which close the pores) are particularly unsuitable for acne. If you have acne skin, you can start with an oil-free cleanser.

      3. Too often

      Skin flooding is a method for every evening and if you have very dry skin, also in the morning. Things look different when your skin is well cared for and regulated. If you flood your skin too often, you're more likely to over-care. Here it is again super important that you know and observe your skin. Does your skin have enough moisture or is prone to acne? Then only do skin flooding every 2 nights.

      Skin flooding TikTok into your evening routine

      Intense moisture is the main goal of skin flooding. And I can tell you: the method behind it is older than any TikTok trend. Skin experts have been using this process for as long as the right products have been available. But I don't want to laugh at this trend - on the contrary. I think it's good that he's finally providing information and clarity about his own care products. And they can finally work as intended.

      By the way, the same thing happened with the skin cycling trend, which I wrote about here. However, one TikTok beauty trend that I don't agree with is slugging. Petroleum-based gel products are applied. It looks “dewy”, but petroleum on the face is not something I can support. I prefer to use ingredients that are as natural, unprocessed and organic as possible and that I don't find objectionable.

      Skin flooding products at Holistic Berlin at a glance

      Morning routine:

      Skin Repair Essence

      Intensively moisturizing formula that stimulates the skin's renewal process. Nutrient-rich organic plant extracts and a high concentration of hyaluronic acid can be quickly absorbed by the skin in this light essence, thereby noticeably improving the overall appearance and moisture balance of the skin.

      Skin Repair Serum for the day

      Protects against harmful environmental influences, ensures an even complexion and skin structure. The niacinamide contained in it together with hyaluronic acid help the skin to remain balanced and obtain enough moisture. Ideal for the first signs of skin aging.

      Skin Repair Elixir

      Provides a lot of moisture and nutrients through marula oil and rosehip seed oil. The quickly absorbed oil has a balancing and calming effect.

      Evening routine:

      Skin Repair Essence

      Intensively moisturizing formula that stimulates the skin's renewal process. Nutrient-rich organic plant extracts and a high concentration of hyaluronic acid can be quickly absorbed by the skin in this light essence, thereby noticeably improving the overall appearance and moisture balance of the skin.

      Skin Repair Serum for the night

      Refines the skin and gives elasticity. Antioxidant grape seed oil, skin-renewing lactic acids and bakuchiol work during the skin's nightly repair mode. A great regeneration of the skin, which becomes firmer and more supple.

      Skin Repair Elixir - facial oil for the night (Queens Oil)

      The luxurious oil is particularly soothing, healing and rejuvenating with rose, apricot, jojoba, echinacea and St. John's wort. Geranium leaf oil, frankincense, vegetable vitamin E and rosehip oil regenerate the skin over time and combat lines and wrinkles.

      Nectar de Nuit - Skin Repair night care

      Plant-based supports the skin’s regeneration process. The formulation seals the previously applied ingredients.