Our memberships - your journey to a radiant face and inner well-being

Would you like to tone, firm and sculpt your face while working on your inner well-being? Then you are exactly right here! In this article, I'll introduce you to four unique membership options to help you get the most out of your appearance and well-being.

1. Basic Face Training Membership

Our Basic Face Training Community is the ideal introduction to the world of facial care and fitness. In five live sessions of 45 minutes each via Zoom, we will show you how to naturally tighten and firm your face. The best part? The practice sessions are recorded so that you can catch up on them at any time if you can't be there live.

In the Basic Face Training you will learn a variety of techniques, including Face Yoga for ultimate firming, Gua Sha to detoxify and model the contours, facial massage to relax and relieve tension, acupressure and tapping to promote the flow of energy in the face, and dry brushing to stimulate the lymphatic flow.

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2. Advanced Face Training Membership

For those who have already taken part in Basic Face Training for at least three months or have mastered other basic techniques, we offer Advanced Face Training. Here you will deepen your skills with advanced techniques that build on the basic training.

In addition to the techniques learned in Basic Face Training, here you will learn Skin Detox Globes for anti-inflammatory and relaxation as well as Facial Cupping for targeted modeling. This training is the key to an even more radiant and youthful appearance.

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3. Wellbeing Membership

Our Wellbeing membership allows you to benefit not only from my personal expertise as a health coach, but also from a number of other experts who will accompany you on your journey to greater well-being.

You get monthly access to live skincare consultations, mind & body consultations, workshops, Pilates workouts, make-up workshops, yoga flows and much more. We support you all year round with recipes, tips and instructions.

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4. All in One Membership

Our All in One Membership offers you the ultimate package with access to all content from Wellbeing, Basic Face Training and Advanced Face Training. If you want the full program for your skin and your inner well-being, then this is the best choice.

Here you not only get access to all of our content, but also to the experts who share their expertise in Wellbeing Membership. A comprehensive offer for everyone who wants to take time to care for their skin and soul.

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Start your journey to a brighter face and a healthier lifestyle today. We look forward to welcoming you to our community.