Wellbeing + Feel Good Retreat in Mallorca: A journey to inner balance

Mallorca, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is known not only for its picturesque beaches and lively towns, but also as a retreat for those looking for inner peace and well-being. The Wellbeing + Feel Good Retreat in 2024 will offer exactly that: a unique opportunity to find, regenerate and renew yourself.

Why Mallorca?

The island offers the perfect setting for a retreat that unites body, mind and soul. Its natural beauty, the gentle breeze and the soothing sound of the sea create an atmosphere that invites reflection and relaxation.

Exclusivity and luxury

The Wellbeing + Feel Good Retreat takes place in a magical boutique hotel, which is reserved exclusively for the participants during the retreat. Imagine waking up in a stylish room, looking out over the azure sea and knowing that this place is reserved just for you and a select group of like-minded women.

Culinary delights

Healthy eating is an essential part of well-being. Our talented chefs will treat you to nutritious and delicious meals that not only delight the taste buds but also nourish the body.

Workshops that will change your life

In the idyllic setting of Mallorca, we offer workshops that not only work during the retreat, but whose effects you can integrate into your everyday life and benefit from them - for a lifetime.

  1. Simplify life with 10 essential rules: Each of us longs for clarity and order in our lives. In this workshop you will learn ten golden rules that will help you reduce clutter and excess. The best part? These principles are designed so that you can immediately apply them in your everyday life. The results are immediate: less stress, more clarity and a life you truly love.

  2. Effective breathing techniques and exercises: Breathing is life. But how often do we really take the time to breathe consciously? In this workshop you will explore breathing techniques that will help you deeply relax and recharge your batteries. These techniques are not just for the retreat, but can be used anywhere and at any time - be it in the office, at home or in stressful situations.

  3. Time and energy distribution: Time is our most valuable asset. In this interactive workshop you will discover how to make the most of your time and energy. With the techniques you've learned, you'll be able to set priorities, work more efficiently, and have more time for what's really important to you.

  4. Facial and lymphatic detox massages: Beauty comes from within, but a little external care never hurts. Learn the art of facial and lymphatic detox massage and benefit from the techniques for a lifetime to keep your skin fresh and youthful.

  5. Acupressure and EFT techniques: These ancient techniques are powerful tools for self-healing. You'll be amazed at how easy they are to learn and how effective they are for releasing physical and emotional blockages.

  6. Wellbeing + Feel Good Rituals and Routines: Each of us has rituals. But are they really beneficial for our well-being? In this workshop you will discover amazing rituals and routines that will enrich your life and give you a feeling of joy and satisfaction every day.

Each of these workshops has been carefully designed to create deep and lasting change in your life. The skills and techniques learned are not just for the duration of the retreat, but will provide you with useful tools for daily life. They are simple, effective and can be used immediately.

Will we see you in Mallorca?

The Wellbeing + Feel Good Retreat in Mallorca is not just a break from everyday life, but a chance to rediscover and renew yourself. It offers a combination of relaxation, self-awareness and physical renewal that you won't find anywhere else. Secure your place for this unforgettable experience and let yourself be enchanted by the magic of Mallorca.