Cryo Multi Tool
diverse tool from terahertz

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Our Cryo Multi Tool combines cold therapy, acupressure and Gua Sha in a single tool.
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Simply place both ends of the tool in ice water for 10 seconds to activate the cryo technology. We use the round end to treat the eye contour, reduce bags under the eyes, relieve facial tension and calm acne. We use the flat side as a cooled Gua Sha tool to support lymphatic drainage and shape the face.

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The Cryo Multi Tool is incredibly versatile and, above all, very easy to use. The metal terahertz used ensures that our cryo tool gets cold within 10 seconds. Simply hold it under cold water or immerse it in a glass of ice-cold water, then we can treat our face with the help of cold.

Thermal shock triggers a stimulating process in the skin that stimulates the production of collagen fibers deep in the skin. These fibers support the tissue from the inside like a framework and protect the skin from sagging. In addition, blood circulation is greatly stimulated, which means that the cells are intensively supplied with oxygen and nutrients. Cell division is stimulated, which allows inflammation to heal more quickly, reduces swelling and promotes the formation of new skin cells. Redness and inflammation can also be cooled and thus visibly improved or calmed down. Cold therapy for the face contributes to healthy and vital skin.

Like with Gua Sha, we can also use the Cryo Multi Tool to visibly shape our face, detoxify it and stimulate the lymph. A real all-rounder.

Material: terahertz

*Organically grown ingredient **Natural constituents of essential oils

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Acupressure and Gua plus cold therapy? The face looks super fresh afterwards! «

/ Daniela Mellis, Skincare Expertin

Customer Reviews

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Kälte schnell wieder weg

Habe mir von dem Tool mehr versprochen. Obwohl mit Wasser und Eiswürfeln lange gekühlt, halt die Kälte gar nicht lange an. Nach jedem step muss ich wieder kühlen und warten. Da habe ich mit einem klassischen Gua Sha Tool mehr "Me Time "

Summer Must Have 🧊

Das beste Tool im Sommer. Es schmiegt sich perfekt den Gesichtszügen an! Bin verliebt!

Coole Sache

Cooles ,,to in one" Produkt !👌
Sehr angenehm😌 und wohltuend ,gerade bei diesen Temperaturen und am Morgen,zum fit werden.

Stefanie D.
Cooles Tool

Nachdem ich am Morgen das Cryo Tool verwendet habe, bin ich absolut erfrischt und deutlich wacher als zuvor. Auch zwischendurch an heißen Tagen kühlt es mich wieder etwas ab und das tut so gut. Die Anwendung ist einfach und wird im Facetraining gezeigt.

Marika Liebsch

Tut gut

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