Gua Sha Signature Tool No.1
Gua Sha made from healing agate

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With my Signature Tool No. 1 we have a Gua Sha stone on hand that has both smooth and jagged edges. The possible applications are incredibly diverse and we can use the stone to treat the entire face.
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You will learn how best to use the stones in our anti-aging face training courses. We offer basic courses for beginners and advanced courses for advanced learners.

Agate as a healing stone is said to have many positive properties. It is also an excellent protective stone and source of comfort.

The agate is said to promote more inner serenity and is THE gemstone for skin diseases or skin problems and irritations. It is even said to relieve pain. It is also often used for headaches and tension. And these are just some of the positive effects of agate.

The healing stones are created by stacking quartz layers on top of each other, which are formed by various quartz variants and inclusions such as chromium, manganese and iron. This is how a variety of stone colors, shapes and patterns develop. Every single stone is unique and the diverse colors and patterns are part of this special stone.

Material: Agate

*Organically grown ingredient **Natural constituents of essential oils

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My Signature tool for the cheek area. «

/ Daniela Mellis, Skincare Expertin

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Erwin Kobald

Gua Sha Signature Tool No.1


Ich finde dieses Tool sehr bereichernd ,da es optimal in der Hand liegt und sehr vielfältig anzuwenden ist.Der Stein ist sehr schön gefertigt und zur Zeit mein Liebster.

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