Face training, coaching and wellbeing membership

My dears,

There is a lot new here at holistic/berlin.

And since I know that not all Instagram content is shown to everyone, I have summarized everything important here again as a small update for you.


We meet for eight sessions a month via Zoom and practice all face training techniques together for a crisp, fresh-looking face.
The techniques are Gua Sha, Face Yoga, facial massage (sometimes relaxing, sometimes invigorating), dry brushing for the face and from November we will also be working with the Face Cups and the Kansa Wand.

Face training is like exercise for the face. We have 26 independent facial muscles and the face is connected to the rest of the body through the lymphatic system and the fascia cords. The special thing about my face training is the combination of all the tools and techniques.

As with the ideal sports routine for the body, we also use different techniques (and tools) to strengthen, firm, purify, detoxify and detoxify. The result is fewer wrinkles, less puffiness and shadows (around the eyes), more defined contours and overall firmer and “lifted” skin.

Can you see that immediately? No, but you can feel how good the training is every time. Are you seeing any success at all? Yes. And you are welcome to ask anyone else on my Instagram. After a few months, your friends will suspect that you "had something done" and even your partners will notice.

The sessions via Zoom will be recorded for you so that you can practice again afterwards or generally do the session if you couldn't be there live.

Price per month: 79 euros, 49 euros from 6 months in the package.


As a certified coach at the Integrated School of Nutrion with additional training in the areas of Ayurveda, Brain Health and Healing Strategies, I live out my knowledge here in the form of workshops and courses. Current courses are Women and Sleep in November, Spirituality and Rough Nights in December and in January 2023 we start the year with the New Year, New You Detox Workshop.

This is mainly about physical and well-being aspects. Many individual components are neglected here or have no place in a group or workshop.

Since I know that each of us has our own individual issues, needs, shadows and worries, I would like to offer you my coaching expertise individually in private individual lessons. You can book these promptly via the website.

As a trained coach, I am your partner who will support you in feeling better emotionally, psychologically, physically and spiritually!

I want to see you healthy, happy, fun-loving, full of energy, creative and happy. The dark side of life is part of it. We work our way through this together. And with small (or very big) changes in the areas of lifestyle, mindset, exercise, nutrition, self-care, psycho hygiene, reflection, soul care and self-care, I help you find your very best SELF and accompany you on the way there.

My holistic holistic approach offers you the support that you sometimes need to (re)balance certain areas of your life.

In contrast to many common approaches to health and wellness, my integrative coaching is based on the approach of bio-individuality. Each of us is unique. Our physical, mental, emotional and nutritional needs are sometimes radically different from the needs of others.

And that's why the focus is not on conveying supposedly good health tips, nutritional concepts or beliefs, but rather on looking very individually at what YOU need. Which means that each of us is so individual and different and there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Rather, we look together at your life, your wishes, your worries, your fears and your goals. And find suitable new ways (and routines) to realign your life.

The workshops are available for 179 euros and include two live sessions via zoom and a very comprehensive workbook for you .

Coming soon:

The coaching sessions will soon be bookable for 100 euros per session. There will also be packages, 3 sessions for 250 euros and 6 sessions for 500 euros.



We are a small, fine beauty and wellbeing community here and I would like to further promote this community spirit. And provide you with a lot of extra knowledge and practical tips for a healthier, holistic everyday life. And all of this at an unbeatably low price.

That's why I have prepared a year's Wellbeing Membership for you. Are included

seasonal wellbeing tips from me every month

4 well-being workshops via zoom per year for more well-being

4 Wellbeing Workbooks per year on different topics

Exclusive skin care consultation once per month
Contact me personally via email if you have any questions

great extra contributions and extra guests with, for example, yoga workouts, healthy recipes and much more - let yourself be surprised

in addition:

25% off all additional workshops with me (see above)

and ALWAYS 45% off ALL Holistic and Voyanics care products (as a private individual you get the discount that I would give to other retailers if they buy and sell my products).

Coming soon:

You can purchase the membership as an annual subscription for 100 euros or pay the annual subscription for 12 euros per month.