Dry brushing - from the ancient secret of the nuns from the Middle Ages to the beauty trend in Hollywood (without Botox)

The dry brush technique is incredibly simple and has existed since the Middle Ages. Today is a dry brushing brush made of soft natural bristles. The effect of the dry brush massage is the same and therefore very trendy in the beauty scene in LA: baby-soft skin, increased blood flow to the tissue and support of the lymphatic system and thus the immune system. In short: a facial dry brush ensures a firm and fresh look with deep-rooted benefits for our system.

Dry brushing as a daily morning ritual - my anti-aging routine (helps every morning grouch)

I have a small facial brush next to my bed that I use to dry brush my face. Facial brushing is a great beauty step in the morning to stimulate lymphatic flow in the face, reduce puffiness and immediately look fresh and awake.

A drybrush session for the body stimulates my entire system so that I wake up gently - no matter how early it is. The day can come!

Facial brushing is a component of my natural anti-aging routine. Do you want to establish that too? I'll show you exactly how to do it step by step - in an online session in my Natural Anti-Aging Online Workshop .

What is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing or dry brushing of the body is an Ayurvedic healing method and has numerous benefits for health and well-being. But it is also recommended in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). And even in the monasteries in our latitudes, dry brushing was used in the Middle Ages.

What was once a ritual is now a trend again. Then as now we know: it is good for lymph, skin and tissue. And the spirit too.

What does the dry brush technique bring?

And suddenly everyone is talking about “dry brushing”, brushing dry skin. Hollywood stars like Miranda Kerr and Gwyneth Paltrow have long since integrated the traditional care ritual into their beauty routine and rave about the benefits that dry brushing brings.

  • The whole body massage is intended to ensure that the skin is soft to the touch
  • promote blood circulation in the tissue
  • get the lymphatic fluid flowing
  • The stimulated skin absorbs all care products better
  • The connective tissue is strengthened and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth are smoothed.

How exactly does dry brushing work as a detox in the body?

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system and serves to remove waste products from the body. If it is impaired, there may be, for example, increased accumulation of fluid in the tissue.

Because the lymphatic system collects excess fluid in the tissue, dry brushing has a draining effect. And on the face it also prevents swollen eyes. On the body it counteracts cellulite.

In addition, accumulated toxins in the tissue can be better removed by stimulating the brush.

Dry brush massage as a gentle peeling

Another advantage of dry brushing is the peeling effect.

Dead skin cells are removed and skin renewal is stimulated. This makes the skin soft to the touch. Provided dry brushing becomes a regular ritual.

The ritual does not require any chemical peels or other care products, which I find wonderfully minimalistic.

5 benefits and advantages of dry brush massage at a glance

Regular dry brushing in the morning, just a few minutes is enough, will reward you with these 5 benefits:

  • Dry brushing is a natural detox as it removes toxins from the body
  • because your blood circulation and lymph flow are optimally stimulated
  • This in turn strengthens your immune system, which then has to fight fewer toxins
  • and it helps to firm and tone your skin, which visibly reduces cellulite
  • Gentle brushing removes dead skin cells and gives you soft skin

Facial Dry Brushing Instructions

Explaining this in words may be a bit complicated because our face has so many places that can be stimulated. And in a variety of ways.

Unfortunately, there are quite a few video tutorials out there on YouTube and Instagram that, as a trained expert, I find less than ideal. That's why I just had to upload a few short Insta-Lives to my channel so that you can learn the correct techniques.

In any case, it is important to use the right size dry brush and be gentle with yourself. Sometimes harder than it sounds, right?

After dry brushing your face in the morning, you should cleanse your face to remove the loose, dry skin cells.

Instructions: Dry brushing all over the body in 5 steps

  1. Start on the right or left foot. From there, slowly work upwards towards the torso in circular movements. With long strokes and circular movements, the brush glides over the legs up over the thighs to the hips and buttocks. Repeat the same on the other leg. To do this, start at the foot.
  1. Now it's the turn of the arms. Start at the back of your right hand and circle up the outside of your arms towards your shoulder. Then circle your right arm back down the inside. Then repeat on the left arm.
  1. Then follow the stomach, chest and possibly the back. These are also processed in a circular manner.
  1. The best part: the warm shower. It ensures that all dead skin cells are washed away after the peeling.
  1. In just 5-10 minutes you can do something good not only for your skin, but also for your immune system and mind!

Facial Dry Brush: Which brush for dry brushing on the face vs. body

The right brush for dry brushing is very important to make it pleasant and effective. Different sizes make sense for the body and face. I like to have one that I just use for my face.

This facial brush for dry brushing leaves a wonderful feeling on the face, neck and décolleté. It is gentle on the skin, but has an incredibly stimulating and purifying effect. By sliding the facial brush made of goat hair and olive wood over the skin, you remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation at the same time.

My favorite morning care ritual - and soon maybe yours too.

Our circular massage brush for daily dry brushing is medium thick with 100% natural bristles. Our slightly softer and smaller breast brush is available especially for the décolleté and chest area.

What do you have to consider when dry brushing? When is the best time?

For an optimal effect, pay attention to the correct technique. The massage always takes place from bottom to top and from outside to inside.

Strong rubbing and scrubbing movements should be avoided!

The massage with the facial brush should definitely be carried out on clean, dry skin. Exactly, without water, oils or peelings. It is also hygienic to use different brushes for the face and body.

It is ideal to use it in the morning to get the entire system going straight away. And you benefit from a fresh look straight away!

You'll probably see a slight change after just one or two uses. But those who dry brush regularly will achieve the best results.

Your brush should be soft enough and you should know the technique to get the most out of your ritual. More on that below.

Dry brushing can be practiced as an integral part of the care routine before the morning shower. The best time for a full-body massage is in the morning, as it gets your circulation going and allows even those who don't like mornings to start the day fit.

Does dry brushing help against cellulite?

Even cellulite can be literally “brushed away”. Science has not yet been able to confirm the optical effect. But the beneficial internal effect of the gentle brush strokes is clear.

Brushing the skin supports the lymph flow and thus the removal of unwanted substances. Since cellulite is caused, among other things, by accumulated lymph fluid, it is quite possible that the unwanted dents will also be reduced by the stimulating massage and the connective tissue will appear tighter overall.

For my part, I can go on record and say: I actually see changes. But you know and observe your body best - and it can stay that way. So you can best judge whether something has changed.

Nun's Secret: Dry Brush Technique in TCM and Medieval Monastery

The nuns and monks of the Middle Ages are said to have brushed their skin using a brush made of fine bronze wire with a copper-tin alloy to strengthen their organism.

The so-called “monastery brush” is still recommended today by experts in traditional Chinese medicine, for example. The copper-tin alloy of the bristles is said to stimulate the flow of energy when brushing, thus promoting relaxation and revitalization of the body and mind.

But massage brushes with pure natural bristles also have a positive effect on our organism. Massaging dry skin stimulates the cardiovascular system and can stimulate the lymphatic system.

Who shouldn't dry brush?

Actually, anyone can dry brush. But:

  • In the case of eczema, skin diseases and skin injuries, the affected areas should not be subjected to additional stress, but should be left out.
  • Even after a sunburn, the skin needs a break.
  • Sensitive areas such as nipples, varicose veins or irritated areas of skin should always be avoided.

If you are brushing your skin for the very first time, you should start with particularly gentle movements without much pressure to find out what feels good and develop your own dry brushing technique.

Anti-aging without Botox with dry brush massage, gua sha and face yoga

Would you like to firm up your facial features, tighten your skin and reduce the first wrinkles and lines? And already do some preventive work? But with alternative methods to Botox & Co, with facial training and traditional TCM techniques? Then take a look at my face training . I share my techniques and beauty do's & don'ts there - live and very practically.
In the monthly face training we practice together twice a week via zoom dry brushing on the face, facial cupping, Gua Sha, face yoga, facial massage and also work with Kansa Wand and acupressure.

Dry brushing to stimulate the lymph is the first part of the course.

And yes, in addition to Gua Sha, dry brushing is my daily beauty secret for my radiant and young-looking skin (at 51 years old).


Which dry brush is good?

Make sure your dry brush is made of good material. The brushes should be soft and not scratchy. Nevertheless, you should be able to build up enough pressure. Horsehair is ideal for this.

Dry brushing - what's the point?

Dry brushing stimulates the entire lymphatic system and encourages the body to detoxify. The tissue under the skin is better supplied with blood and wrinkles and cellulite can be reduced.

Why dry brushing?

Dry brushing is a daily ritual to avoid visible signs of aging and support the entire body system in detoxification. At the same time, it is a wonderful time to consciously do something good for yourself and take care of your skin. Completely without Botox.

Which oil to use after dry brushing?

After dry brushing, it is best to use a body oil that helps the skin regenerate and soften. Our Body Repair Elixir contains babassu, apricot kernel oil and macadamia oil. It absorbs quickly and revitalizes and strengthens the skin.

When to dry brush?

Dry brushing is used in the morning to stimulate the lymphatic system and the entire body. Great for morning grouches! You use dry brushing before your morning shower, but rather finish it off with it.

How does dry brushing work?

For dry brushing you use a horsehair dry brush. Massaging the body and face stimulates lymph and supports the body in the detoxification process.