Morning routine

I've often talked about evening rituals like double cleansing and Gua Sha. So it's time to introduce my morning routine. And please don't be alarmed, explaining things here will probably take longer than the individual steps in real time.

I start my gratitude exercise first thing in the morning (while I'm still in bed) and write three things in my journal that I'm grateful for here today. (On August 1st I'm starting a 21 day gratitude journey via Instagram - so anyone who wants to join in is warmly invited.) I have a small facial brush next to my bed, which I then use to dry brush my face. Facial brushing is a great beauty step in the morning to stimulate lymphatic flow in the face, reduce swelling and immediately look fresh and awake. Facial brushing is a component of my naturla anti aging routine and if you are interested in holistic anti aging methods, please take a look at the Natural Anti-Aging Online Workshop (the next course starts on August 23rd)

This is followed by some Ayurvedic methods: 1 glass of warm water (sometimes with lemon), tongue scraping and oil pulling. In Ayurveda we find numerous ways to increase our well-being with oil. There is also a course for this (and many other little holistic helpers): Holistic Beauty & Wellbeing (in September).

For experienced users, I recommend using the oil pulling time for body brushing, showering and washing your hair. This means you can have the oil stay in your mouth for a long time in a relatively relaxed manner. But in the beginning, every minute of oil pulling is a plus and see which oil works best for you. I like sesame and coconut best.

For my body, I currently prefer to use the holistic/berlin shower foam with lavender and lemon and the accompanying body lotion , which absorbs super quickly and leaves the skin feeling very velvety and soft. During the day I also use the lighter hand lotion , and in the evening the richer version is next to the bed.

Now to the face: After dry brushing your face in the morning, you should definitely clean your face to remove the loose, dry skin cells. You know double cleansing in the evening, but in the morning it can be gentler and I use either the holistic/berlin cleansing foam or the cleansing milk. The cleansing foam is suitable for all skin types. When using the following facial toner, you have to take the condition of your skin into account!

sensitive and very dry skin:
Voyanics lavender water or sandalwood water or holistic/berlin mild facial tonic

normal skin, dehydrated skin, mature skin:
Voyanics rose water , Voyanics Hyaluron + Aloe Spray , holistic Berlin facial tonic skin-renewing

impure skin:
Voyanics lavender water or sandalwood water or holistic/berlin mild facial tonic

I spray the facial toner on (or apply it with a cotton pad) and apply serum and matching oil directly on top. Since we have so many different serums and oils, I have listed various possible combinations here, although these are not all of them...

impure skin:
anti-inflammatory serum and anti-inflammatory oil

normal skin:
balancing serum and oil for normal skin

dehydrated skin:
moisturizing serum and plum oil

mature skin:
Hyaluron + Pomegrante Serum and Rosehip + Frankincense Oil

sensitive skin/rosacea skin:
soothing serum and oil for sensitive skin

Skin prone to pigment spots:
Hyaluron + Pomegrante Serum and Rosehip + Frankincense Oil

pale skin:
Hyaluron + Pomegrante Serum and Rosehip + Frankincense Oil

dry skin:
moisturizing serum and oil for dry skin

Apply serum and immediately distribute a few drops of the oil onto serum-moist skin to nicely lock in the serum's moisture. When it comes to the amount of oil, please always listen a little to your skin, because it is different every day. Sometimes it takes more, sometimes less.

Now add a touch of color (foundation or a few drops of the tinted oil plus powder, blush and lip gloss) and I'm done with my morning routine!