Life loves it holistically! Your skin too!

What does holistic care mean?!

As you can see from the small graphic (click to print), there is so much more to “good skin” than care! Look at how small the skin care portion actually is. And of course it all looks very extensive and almost frightening now, but don't worry, we're approaching all of these individual topics little by little and I would like to accompany you, help and inspire you to live all of these "pieces of cake" in a more balanced way or to integrate it into your life.

Anyone who would now like to cancel the memebership out of shock -
I FEEL YOU! But no fear. On the one hand, you can always use my 80/20 rule: 80% good, 20% bad - you can't do anything else anyway and only means stress, and stress is exactly what we DON'T want. And on the other hand, I am "Mrs. Lazy" myself and I always try to find the simplest variants that I can and like implement well myself.

The graphic also shows very nicely which topics follow the holistic approach. Unfortunately, it's not just one product or healthy diet. Everything plays a role, everything is connected.

More than ever, I would like to accompany you on the holistic path. With the right care products, of course, but also with workshops, face training, the holistic wellbeing membership (from November) and soon one on one coaching sessions.

And a very important aspect: You are you and I am me, i.e. each of us has different needs and starting points and in this respect organic individuality always plays a very important role.