Travel essentials - beauty products, first aid kit and summer make-up

It feels a bit strange to write about travel essentials right now, as we feel like we are slipping into the fourth Corona wave and the pandemic is far from over and travel will remain significantly restricted due to Corona and for the sake of the environment. But, since I've just come back from our summer vacation in Crete and will be doing an insta live at Jack's beautyline this evening, I've decided to write down my absolute must-haves. Maybe it will help as a small printable list for your future trips.

First of all, I have to say that I am an absolute beach and sun travel type - I don't know what I need to take with me on a trip to the mountains or a camping holiday, for example! And if you have babies and small children, please definitely take a look at , because there are lots of helpful tips on traveling with babies and how the first aid kit should be equipped with babies and toddlers.

But let's start with "my" travel kit ...

The Wala company comes with the following:
Aconite ear drops (pool water + wind = ear pain)
Aconite pain oil (growing pains in children, neck tension after the flight for me)
Arnica ointment (bruises etc)
Euphrasia eye drops (pool water + wind = eye irritation)
Plantago bronchial balm and cough syrup (just in case)
Wound and burn gel (hopefully you won't use this either)
Cantharis bladder globules (pool water + wet swimsuit = bladder irritation or inflammation)

Tweezers, plaster, thermometer
Nasal spray (I need it for Moritz and I on the flight to keep our ears clear)
Charcoal tablets (upset stomach or worse)
Fever/pain pills (i.e. aspirin, Ibo, paracetamol etc)

and prescription medications , whoever has them

I take these products with me from my bathroom cupboard:

holistic/berlin Pre Cleanse oil mild and cleansing foam (which can also be used as a shower gel if you want to save space). Double cleansing is particularly important on vacation, as sea water plus chlorine plus sunscreen on the face leaves an unsightly film on the skin!

One or two Voyanics Hydrolates (always sandalwood as a facial toner to soothe sun-stressed skin and orange blossom water for mood or as a whole body spray

Moisturizing serum (depending on skin type, for me the holistic/berlin balancing serum )

Never ever without these two: Voyanics Plum Oil (for morning and evening care) and the Voyanics Shea Butter + Lavender Balm (after the sun, as repair care, for the whole family)

Also for the whole family the Voyanics Al Sweet Almond oil as after sun care and for me the holistic/berlin body lotion lemon lavender

Since your hair also suffers on summer vacation, a Voyanics Argan oil is always included - as a pre-shampoo treatment, top care, styling product - it is extremely versatile)

Shampoo, conditioner and my beloved holistic/berlin shower foam in lemon-lavender , which is also great to use for the children. The perfect match for me is the deodorant balm without alcohol, baking soda and aluminum from holistic/berlin in Leon lavender .

Last but not least: a little extra care with Voyanics Cucumber Eye Roll-on (which immediately goes to the mini bar to cool down on site) and essential nourishing masks ( holistic/berlin Overnight Repair Mask, Voyanics Hyaluron+Botanicals Mask, holistic/berlin moisturizing mask and /or Voyanics Rose+Neroli Mask )

Of course, sun protection is a must! and even though I still (still) like to use Avene from the pharmacy (sentimental reasons and I like the texture and feel on the skin) I can particularly recommend these brands because of the ingredients: ECO , Laboratoire Biarritz and i+m Naturkosmetik (available all in well-stocked organic shops or drugstores). I always take a high one (SPF 50) for face and body, a high tinted one (it's available in three different colors from Laboratoire Biarritz, for example) and another one for body and face with SPF 30.

On my summer vacation, my make-up is always very light and delicate and, above all, super uncomplicated. I don't wear any foundation, but rather cover up individual areas with concealer (but this is darker than usual for the holidays) and I use a completely transparent or darker colored powder . That's all for the complexion. For the cheeks , powder rouge and/or bronzer, on the lips a dab of gloss or a nude-colored lipstick and just an eyeshadow color in bronze or brown on the movable lid (for blue eyes). The eyebrows are made up relatively “elaborately”, using brow pencil , brow brush and transparent brow gel . Finally, coat again with black mascara .

Here are the products listed, this summer everything from undgretel :
Concealer #3
ILGE transparent powder
Bronzer/Blusher in Bero
Lip gloss colors: Nude Shimmer and Apricot Shimmer
Lipstick Powder Rose
Imbe Eyeshadow in Bronze or Auburn
Brow pencil Spruse #3 and brow gel Froh transparent
Mascara Wint in black

Included from jacksbeautyline in addition to the paddle brush are the brushes no. 12 (for applying concealer to large areas) , no. 20 (powder), no. 13 (rouge and bronzer), no. 16 (eye shadow) and no. 9 (for blending , if necessary) .

Also included - but already in your hand luggage and later always in your beach bag: lip care and hand cream ( holistic/berlin hand cream in lemon-lavender )

Well, I hope we haven't forgotten anything here...
Have a good trip everyone and take care of yourselves!