School holiday business

Sometime in 2021. The school holidays are set, actually until 2025. I want to plan our vacation for the coming year as early as possible because the prices are high during all school holidays and I haven't thought about Christmas/New Year's Eve for years , crazy expensive.

So far, the publication of the Easy Jet flight schedule in September of the previous year has always been my deadline to start planning the holidays for the coming year. Berlin airport is such a thing, it's best to just look at Easy Jet anyway, everything else usually involves annoying changes.

So, said, done. Every year since we've been in the "school holiday business" it's been the same game: planning even though you don't yet know what the next year will bring.

What I'm writing about here is of course an absolute luxury problem. Just saying...

But, back to the vacation planning game. It's September, I'm sitting in front of the Easy Jet flight schedule and looking at where you could go in the summer and Easter or during the autumn holidays.

I can't think of anything for Easter, besides, we're in 2021, so Corona, baby.

So focus on the summer holidays: Then we'll let it rip. We are self-employed, for the first time positioned so that we can work from anywhere and since we don't know what the Corona autumn will bring, we decide on two vacations of 14 days each in the summer. Easter, summer and autumn holidays in one dish, so to speak.

First Stop Creta Malia Park. The hotel is okay. My husband found it much worse than I did, but he is always very critical. For me, the spa area failed with a 6- below, which of course I always test for work reasons. But: We unexpectedly met an old kindergarten friend of Moritz's who now lives in Hamburg. And I met three of my customers there who kindly spoke to me. Warm greetings from here! Conclusion: The children had a lot of fun, the vacation was overpriced. And somehow a disappointment because we were hoping for something completely different from the pictures.

Next stop Almyra in Cyprus. I discovered this on the Design Hotels site about 15 years ago and it was the very first place where I spent a wonderful holiday with my eldest children after a divorce. In this respect, this hotel will always have a special place in my heart. And always happy to visit with the new family. Like last summer too. As I said, my husband, who is critical, also has a lot to complain about here, I always find it very relaxing. The spa there is A+.

The conclusion after two vacations: a lot of money spent, semi happy. But then my husband discovered “our” house on Mallorca. Crazy as we are, we signed the rental agreement (permanent, with a minimum term of one year) sight unseen and the problem of “where to go on vacation” is solved for the next few years – or as long as we want.

I'll take you with me on one of my Mallorca trips on my next vacation, and I'll be back from my favorite tapas bar!

PS For everyone who now wants to look for houses in Mallorca (and there are a few who have written to me), I always put links to offers that pop up in my husband's e-mail inbox:

All regular long-term rental properties, no airbnb, no vacation rentals