Skin Repair Skin Care Routine

My personal recommendations...

In the morning


We have a bit of a choice here, but personally I like something rich and extra nourishing in the morning, so I reach for cleansing milk . But of course you can also clean with the gentle cleansing foam or use fresh cleansing gel , depending on your preference. By the way, having two different cleansing products for morning and evening is not a luxury, because two products naturally last twice as long... (just don't think about it)

Facial toner:

Facial toner pro or con – there are many opinions. There is no way you can save yourself the facial toner if the water at home is very hard. Then put our facial tonic (mild or skin-renewing) on ​​a cotton pad and remove the nasty little talc residues from the skin. If the water isn't the deciding factor, I still recommend facial toner. Sprayed briefly over the face, the skin is immediately supplied with an extra portion of moisture.

The Skin Repair Essence:

Not a facial toner or a serum, but an extra product that can supply the skin with another layer of active ingredients due to its liquid composition. The essence with hyaluronic acid provides the skin with a lot of moisture, which is immediately and easily absorbed by the skin due to its molecular density.

The Skin Repair Serum:

This serum is the ultimate source of moisture and helps the skin stay beautifully supple, balanced and firm. The high-dose active ingredients hyaluronic acid and niacinamide (vitamin B3) are two important ingredients; we use these two against fine wrinkles and lines, pigment spots, unevenness and for an even complexion.

The Skin Repair Elixir:

It's called Elixir because for me it's something like the elixir of life for my skin (it was originally a mixture that I made just for myself, but now I'm happy to share it with you), but ultimately it's a wonderful oil. The queen of oils, so to speak. With 11 selected plant ingredients. 11 different ingredients doesn't sound incredibly opulent, but that's exactly what's special: every single ingredient is present in sufficient and not just homeopathic doses and can therefore develop its full potential. This is the only way the individual plant oils and extracts can be used to their full effect and also have an effect on the skin.

Eye care:

Since it has to be quick and uncomplicated in the morning, I use the Skin Repair eye cream . It absorbs quickly, supplies the eye area with important active ingredients and is also suitable if you use eye make-up.

At evening

Double cleansing:

Of course, it's not possible to mention the double cleansing in connection with me. My holy grail so to speak and a huge game changer if you haven't done it yet.

I start the evening with the mild Pre-Cleanse Oil (for normal to impure skin, I recommend the Intensive Pre-Cleanse Oil) and massage about two pumps onto dry, uncleaned, possibly made-up skin. The oil is then not removed, but you now clean with a regular cleaning product of your choice.

I prefer the mild cleansing foam, but the cleansing milk and cleansing gel work just as well for double cleansing. For suggestions as to when which product is best suited, you can take a look at my website under “Shop by skin type”. Now apply the foam (or milk or gel) to your oiled face and massage in well. (If you use cleansing gel, I would always emulsify it with a little water in the palm of your hand beforehand). Now wash everything off together! The face immediately feels delicate, soft and supple. There is no tension or feeling of dryness afterwards. And after just two to three weeks you will see a difference, we promise!

Facial Toner and Essence and the Elixir:

like in the morning, see above!

Eye care:

In the evening I also have time to pamper my eyes with a little extra care. After the Skin Repair Elixir, which I do not apply up to the edge of the eye, I gently pat in the Skin Repair eye serum from the outside to the inside. What is special about this product is the type of hyaluronic acid. There is high molecular weight hyaluronic acid, which immediately provides a soft, fresh effect. And there is low-molecular hyaluronic acid, which penetrates deeper into the skin layers and is responsible for long-term moisture and firmness. And we only use these in the Skin Repair eye serum. It's about the long-term structural improvement of the stressed eye area.

Since the skin not only needs moisture, but also nutrients and care ingredients, I apply the Skin Repair eye oil before the serum has absorbed (important to seal in the moisture from the eye serum).

Nectar de Nuit:

The crowning finale and particularly suitable for stressed, irritated, aging, restless, dry skin: The Nectar de Nuit balm literally melts into the skin and seals in all the valuable care ingredients that we have added to the skin in the previous steps! Give this special night care a try - I can't rave enough about the Nectar de Nuit, but you might have to feel and see the difference, similar to double cleansing.