Healthy balls


  • Ginger (organic quality, washed. woody pieces
    cut off)
  • Turmeric (if not fresh then as powder)
  • Organic lime and lemon
  • black pepper freshly ground from the mill


    1. Large bulb of ginger with 3 turmeric roots, one
      Lime and a lemon with the peppercorns
      put in the blender
    2. The citrus fruits do not need to be peeled
    3. If possible, remove the seeds.
    4. maybe add some water.
    5. If you want it fiberless (fibers are, however
      very good for our intestines), crosses everything out
      a sieve
    6. Pour into silicone ice cream molds. (I have here
      spherical shapes used)
    7. A scoop of boiling water in the morning
      (Attention! Use fireproof glass)
      pour on. If you want, take another one
      teaspoon of honey