Gua Sha massage for the face and body

Fortunately, Gua Sha stones can now be bought more and more often here in Europe. The ancient technique from China is much more than just a beautiful beauty ritual. But only if you do the Gua Sha application correctly. So that you can get the best benefits for firm skin from your Gua Sha massage, I will tell you which Gua Sha stone is best for your skin, which oil is the right one and how to use the Gua Sha stone.

What does Gua Sha really do?

This application is not a gimmick, but rather a support for your body. It supports purification and detoxification through the skin. You can also loosen your fascia by massaging your entire body. You can model your facial contours with regular use.

What does Gua Sha do on the face?

Since the lymphatic system collects excess fluid in the tissue, Gua Sha has a draining effect - and at the same time prevents swollen eyes and accumulated toxins in the tissue. When the skin is activated and stimulated, it absorbs all care products better. In addition, the connective tissue is strengthened and fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, forehead and mouth are smoothed.

Say bye bye to
Turkey neck
Double chin

Lip wrinkles
deep nasolabial fold
hanging corners of the mouth
less volume in the cheek area frown lines
Dark circles under the eyes and bags under the eyes, forehead wrinkles
Eye wrinkles
pale skin
Tension in the face and neck

What is the effect of Gua Sha massage on the body?

When connective tissue is stimulated, blood flow increases and the lymphatic system is activated. The brushing and gentle stimulation of the skin through Gua Sha massage promotes blood circulation in the epidermis, where the small lymphatic vessels are located.

This is how the Gua Sha massage works on the face

Describing the application in words would be of little use to you, because you have to see it and ideally feel it on your own skin. That's why I give courses and workshops where you learn everything in detail. During my Anti Aging Face Training you will learn how to work with which tool for an entire session via Zoom. Register here.

You can see a small excerpt here on Instagram, where I show you my morning routine, which of course includes a Gua Sha application: Instagram

How often should you do Gua Sha?

I really use my tools like Gua Sha stone, dry brushing or facial cupping every day. It's not just my personal self-care ritual that gives me time just for myself, but also like a little workout (or stretching) on ​​my face. Only if you do this every day will you train muscles and tissue and help the daily detoxification process. However, you shouldn't stress yourself out even further. Think of it as me time and a workout at the same time. It's your 5-15 minutes a day.

Which oil for Gua Sha?

Unlike massaging dry skin with a facial brush, the skin needs some oil for a good Gua Sha massage. In principle, any facial oil is suitable, but if you are unsure, try the Skin Repair Elixir - facial oil for the night. I love this queen oil for two different uses: at night the ingredients support the skin's repair process. And it is also great for all skin care rituals with Gua Sha, facial cups or facial massage: About the product

Alternatively, you can also use the Skin Repair Elixir - facial oil for the day: To the product

For the body you can use the Body Repair Elixir body oil. The queen oil for the body is quickly absorbed and helps the skin to regenerate, retain moisture and prevent skin aging. With pure plant extracts, it revitalizes and strengthens the skin, which feels wonderfully soft right after the first use.

Which Gua Sha form is the best?

Depends on what you want to work on. I have listed and explained to you all the shapes that Gua Sha stones have.

Gua Sha as a butterfly
Gua Sha in the shape of a heart
Gua Sha as a rectangle (Square)Gua Sha as a mushroom
Gua Sha stone as a spoon (usually difficult to get) Gua Sha with grooves

If you want to learn more visually, check out this video on Instagram . Because in the end, as I said, the best stone doesn't help without the right technology.

The Gua Sha stone in butterfly shape

With this stone you can "work on" (almost) all areas and it is ideal as one of the first stones in the collection. Also suitable for the neck, neck and chest area. Anyone starting out with Gua Sha should add this butterfly-shaped Gua Sha stone to their basic equipment. It is ideal, especially if you want to work on a larger area. But also perfect for more intensive work due to the wave-shaped end.

The Gua Sha stone in the shape of a heart

With this stone you can "work on" (almost) all areas and it is ideal as the first stone in the collection. Also suitable for neck and neck. Anyone starting Gua Sha should add this heart-shaped Gua Sha stone to their basic equipment.

The Gua Sha stone as a rectangle

With straight-line Gua Sha tools you can work particularly well on the neck, forehead, throat and décolleté. Sometimes large stones are particularly suitable, for example to loosen the muscles with long and smooth movements. There is no better stone, especially for the eyebrow and forehead area, so the square or rectangle definitely belongs in your Gua Sha collection.

The Gua Sha as a mushroom

With the mushroom you can work particularly well on the lymphatic system, work on the eye area specifically and gently and also perfectly model individual areas of the face. After the heart shape, I would also include the mushroom in the collection. By the way, it is particularly beneficial to work with two stones in parallel.

The Gua Sha stone as a spoon

The Spoon is one of my personal favorites because you can work so precisely and specifically on the face and perform a wide variety of techniques with it. By the way, it's very rare to find it in stores because you need the right technology, but you'll learn it from me. An absolute must have in my opinion...

The Gua Sha stone with grooves

Ideal for all areas of the face and body that require a large stone surface and can also tolerate a little more pressure. The neck, for example. Or buttocks, stomach, legs. Not necessarily the stone for beginners, but a really good addition for those who have been practicing Gua Sha routines for a while.

The XL GUA SHA stone made from the finest porcelain

It is our new body gua sha tool that we developed to lift, firm, shape and smooth the skin on the body. A Gua Sha massage stimulates the flow of energy, relieves tension and smoothes the connective tissue in areas where cellulite hardens more quickly and leaves unsightly dents. Each edge of the Gua Sha Body Stone in XL is intentionally designed so that you can practice Gua Sha perfectly, but the stone glides smoothly and comfortably over larger areas of skin.

In this video you can see all of our treasures live.

Our Gua Sha stones made from black obsidian, moonstone or porcelain

All of our Gua Sha stones and tools made from obsidian and moonstone are made by hand in a small family business in India (a super nice couple, no child labor). Our stones are not made by machine, but are shaped and processed by local artisans like a small work of art. No two stones are alike. Small holes in the stone can occur because we use a natural and not pressed stone.

All of our clay facial Gua Sha stones are handmade in a ceramic studio in Barcelona. Our stones are not made by machine, but rather shaped and processed as a small work of art. No two stones are alike.

Which stone for which skin?

Black Obsidian Gua Sha Tool

Black obsidian is considered one of the most important healing stones and its effect can be summarized as change, optimism and development.

Black obsidian also represents protection and healing powers, which is why this material was my first choice for our Gua Sha massage stone.

Black obsidian is also said to regenerate the outer layer of skin and stimulate collagen formation. Our heart-shaped Gua Sha stone gently stretches the fascia on the face and stimulates microcirculation. With regular use, the skin's firmness improves, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the contours are tightened.

White Moonstone Gua Sha Tool

I love using white moonstone as part of my gua sha as white moonstone is a very feminine stone and is known to create a stronger bond with moonstone and all of its healing energies. This lunar connection strengthens your intuition and trust your sixth sense.

Gua Sha tool made of white porcelain

Due to the way they are produced, the porcelain Gua Shas are a bit “thicker” and “rounder” and are therefore particularly suitable for sensitive skin. They're perfect for women with very sensitive skin (including rosacea) and are also great for legs if you're struggling with spider veins or varicose veins.

Gua Sha for cellulite

Cellulite is usually not about fat, but about the fascia. Cellulite and uneven body skin are often a result of unhealthy or sticky fascia. The connective tissue is largely responsible for the appearance of the body's skin and we can improve and strengthen it enormously with Gua Sha, body brushes and cupping tools and methods.

Anyone who uses these three methods regularly will be able to see how much smoother, more beautiful and firmer their skin will look in the medium term.

Gua Sha massage on the body

Using Gua Sha on the body is a real treat. Instead of using the stones for the face, you work with a larger version. I specially developed a Gua Sha stone made of porcelain: really big, you really have something in your hand, no edges, just curves. It is perfect for working on the legs and buttocks gently but effectively.

Because the production is complicated, it will always be available in limited quantities. Handmade in Berlin and my real heart:

For application

3 things you should know when using Gua Sha on your body

1. Technology & Printing

During the massage, feel free to apply firm pressure because it should feel like a deep massage. Use less pressure at first and then work up to your favorite pressure level.

2. Spots on the skin

Because you are applying pressure, it can leave marks on the skin. But this is a good sign because it means that toxins are being released and the stagnation in the tissue is being released. These spots disappear after a few days.

3. Preparation for Gua Sha on the body

It is best to carry out this ritual after a warm bath (or shower).

It is particularly great in combination with an alkaline bath.

Apply body oil liberally. For example, you can use our queen oil for the body.

Gua Sha massage for the body in 3 steps

We always work from the extremities towards the center of the body. If this is difficult for you, do what feels good.
You should pamper any area with tight fascia or cellulite with 20-30 Gua Sha strokes. For all other areas, 3-5 strokes are enough to stimulate lymph flow.

1. Gua Sha on buttocks & legs

Start the Gua Sha ritual on your lower legs. Move the body gua sha stone up your legs in upward movements until you reach your bottom.

2. Gua Sha on the décolleté and arms
Work your way from your wrist to your shoulder. For the décolleté, gently stroke the Gua Sha from the center of the chest outwards in all directions.

3. Gua Sha for Digestion & Organs

Move the Gua Sha stone over the stomach in large circular movements. Then stroke from top to bottom, as this movement stimulates digestion.

Is Gua Sha painful?

If you do it right, no way. As I said, it is essential that you learn the right technique. Then using Gua Sha stones has the opposite effect and relieves pain, tension and stagnation in the body and tension in the face.

Register here if you want to find out exactly how to do it in my course:

How do I clean my Gua Sha?

Like our cosmetic brushes, we can clean our Gua Sha tools regularly. But please don't be too aggressive. Use a mild soap or your facial cleanser. Lather the product in your hands and massage the Gua Sha stone with it. Wash it thoroughly and lay it on a towel to dry.

Buy Gua Sha (in Berlin and worldwide)

Here at Holistic Berlin it is important to sell products that I love more than anything. For me, both the production method and the quality are right.

You can find all the types of stones and shapes of Gua Shas presented here in our shop.

The right oils for body and face are here .

Learn Gua Sha massage properly in online workshops:

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