at-home spa ideas

We would all like to enjoy (and after these endless months of the pandemic more than deserve) a vacation, sun, sand, sea and spa treatments until we drop!

If you, like me, are sensible and therefore stayed at home, you can now transform your own bathroom into a small spa temple at any time and as you please. With these little DIY recipes and a little Marrakesh inspiration we can relax and enjoy without a guilty conscience.

I would be happy to tell you my beauty secrets for very special breaks!

My favorite body scrub

Very simple - but so incredibly effective: salt and oil. Here I used the fine pink Himalayan salt (but you can also use sea salt, brown sugar or normal table sugar) and a good portion of oil. The salt (or sugar) should be well covered by the oil, if necessary add a little more oil after mixing.

I chose the wonderful argan oil from Morocco and simply take my bowl of body peeling with me into the shower. Massage onto damp skin in circular movements and shower thoroughly. The skin is velvety soft afterwards and you don't have to apply cream or oil afterwards, the skin is wonderfully nourished by the salt and oil mixture.

DIY hammam feeling

If you spice up the shower a little with essential oils before showering, showering becomes an absolute wellness experience. Based on our mental travel destination, I put a few drops of sweet orange and eucalyptus essential oils on the edge of the shower floor - so that enough water splashes on it, but I'm not standing in the middle of the oils. The wonderfully fragrant melange of eucalyptus and orange oil plus the warm water almost transforms your shower into a hammam-like experience.

Splendid. And so invigorating for body and mind! You can also use other essential oils - if necessary, a dash of freshly squeezed orange juice will also work!

DIY face mask

It's quick, it's great for the skin and you probably all have these ingredients in your kitchen anyway. I mix 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt with a teaspoon of argan oil and a teaspoon of honey and mix everything well. If you like, you can apply the mask with a mask brush. Otherwise, you can of course also use your fingers.

Honey has an anti-inflammatory and healing effect, argan oil is an all-rounder for skin and hair (you can use any other facial oil or cold-pressed almond oil) and yogurt refines the skin due to the lactic acid bacteria it contains. After 20 minutes, remove with a warm, moist compress.

Mood kick...

If you don't know the finely scented orange blossom hydrosol, the following should be said: Orange blossom, i.e. neroli, is one of the essential oils that has an almost magical effect on our psyche. Calming, stimulating, anti-anxiety - anyone who has ever been to France during orange blossom season will know this scent when you walk through the orange trees in bloom. An explosive fragrance experience!

After the mask or shower, spray over your face and/or the whole body and just enjoy!

The Final Touch...

After the steam bath, body peeling and mask, please don't forget the final care.

Here are my favorites from Yoyanics, which are the perfect end to the little spa session:

  • Hyaluron + Pomegrante Serum (the intensive moisturizing serum)
  • Rose + Seabuckthorn Fluid (the slightly richer and soothing serum)
  • a few drops of your favorite oil (ideally massaged into damp skin)
  • or of course the Poppyseed+Niacimide cream...